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Visite en France  septembre 2013
Je suis revenue de mon voyage en France fatiguée, un peu malade mais très contente de tout se qui s’est passé. Un gros merci à Micheline Paquet qui m’a accompagné. Je ne pourrais pas faire un voyage comme cela sans elle. Merci Merci Merci… Merci aussi à René Buisson qui a organisé cette tournée. Il a travaillé durant des mois pour accomplir tout cela. Merci à toutes les personnes qui nous ont reçu, soit pour manger ou pour coucher. Merci à toutes les personnes qui sont venu à ces conférences. Le Seigneur vous aime beaucoup.

I am going back to France in September 2013

I had the most interesting visit in France, I visited, Lisieux, Dozulé, Ars, Pontmain, Rue du Bac, Lourdes and Nevers. I saw relics and incorrupt bodies and holy places. I loved every moment and I thank all the people I met and who organized and welcomed me into their homes....
J'ai fait un voyage extraordinaire en France, J'ai visité des places ou j'ai vu des reliques, les corps des saints et saintes intactes, des places ou la Vierge est apparue et bien d'autres choses.
Les conférences se sont passées sans difficultées sauf un manque de chaises, les salles se sont remplies. J'ai trouvé qu'en France le monde a soif d'évangélization et de guérisons...
Je remercie...
L'association Étoile Notre Dame, Pierre, Suzanne, Jacques, Guillaume et Marie-Laure, Je remercie Sylvie Gazeau, qui a chanté à mes conférences, René Buisson, Joumana et Père Gilles à Paris, Charles et Marie-Louise à Amiens, Fernand et Geneviève à Vaudricourt, Jocelyne à Lyon, Laurent et Bénédicte à Versailles, Sylvie et Vincent à Vivonne, Françoise et Sébastien à Baud, Marie-Pierre et Claude à Apremont et le couple à Limoges. Je ne vous oublierai pas. Je prie pour vous.

November 2010
… A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was so beautiful, I cried, her features are so delicate and she is so pretty. I was thrilled and because I had taken my other statue to be at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I was happy to replace it with this new statue in my garage. The first time we prayed the cenacle, someone came to me afterwards and said: “Did you know that this statue’s lips are praying with us?” I had not noticed but last week, I made sure that I watched and I did notice that not only did her lips move but her eyes also.
Tonight several people noticed that her lips moved, her eyes moved and her expression changed throughout the whole cenacle. At one time I saw her smiling. It was really phenomenal and I have no explanations for this. I thought it was very cool that Our Blessed Mother would manifest herself. Thank you Blessed Mother!
Here are some pictures of this statue...

October 2009
I was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit in September. I started in Quebec and ended in Calgary. I traveled from St Ferioles les Neiges, Quebec to Courcelles then to Stanstead Quebec. Thank you to Micheline Paquet, Normande and Reynald Fortier and Laurianne Fauteux for hosting me and traveling with me. I then went to New Hampshire, Mass., Conn., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. Thank you to Father Marcel Martel, Father Dan St. Laurent,  Deacon Tom Anthony, Ann Moirier,  Pat Hurd,  Alma Aucoin, MaryLene Dj.moss, Lucy Iacoviello and her family, Joseph, Sophia, Gabriel, Sarah and Luke, Cynthia Larson, Father Brendon Williams,  Darlene and Jim Davidson, Father Ken Oldenski, Karen Major, Yvonne Beaubien, Father Jerome Lavigne, and Father Julien  ,  Nicole Lepage and Father Noel.
A special Hello and nice meeting with you to Jane and Brian in the Poconos.
To Vickie, Ruth, Anita, Linda and her son Mike in Ohio.
Also to Lydia, her husband and her sister in Emmitsburg Shrine.
The New England States are beautiful, the roads are great to drive, It was the greatest
“ Jesus Trip”
I was thrilled to visit three shrines:
…The Padre Pio Shrine in Barto, Pennsylvania
…The Holy Love Shrine in Elyria, Ohio
…Our Lady of Emmitsburg Shrine in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
I visited the grave of Mari Loli Lafleur,  the Garabandal visionary who passed away this spring.
I also visited the St Elizabeth Ann Seeton shrine, the Basilica and the relics.
I was blessed to meet Maureen Sweeney and Gianna Sullivan and her husband Michael.
All these things along with the many wonderful people and the loving welcome made for a very interesting trip.
But I do not forget the many people here who prayed and fasted and supported me as I traveled, thank you…this is your ministry, I could not do this without you.
God bless you all. I will keep you in my prayers.

August, 10, 2009

    I just returned from Wollaston Lake, another Northern, Dene Community. I would like to thank FAther Bob once again  for his invitation. We are becoming fast friends. Wollaston is a little larger then Lac Brochet. The lake is absolutely gorgeous. ( very large )
I was able to do many home visits thanks to the help and translation of Veronique. I met many wonderful people, deeply faithful. Thank you to Marie, the vice principal of Father Megret School, who allowed my talks to take place in the gym. A special thank you to Veronique Dzeylion, Rose Badger,
Jeffery D, Leon D, William D And John B. T, Mary M. Sha'oulle, Karen D. and Michael K. who helped as volunteers at the 3 conferences. Everyone was kind to me and I appreciate them. May you continue to grow spiritually as a community of faith. God bless you.
Again I thank all those who prayed for me while I was traveling. I cannot do this without you.

June 8, 2009

    I came back from Lac Brochet, Manitoba. After many small aircraft rides I made it home. Thank you so much to Sarah and her daughter Kerrie who invited me to go to this far isolated area. I truly enjoyed my stay there. I feel like I have been enriched by being there. I spoke in a tent, in a school and in the church... All conferences were well attended. I also went into many homes to pray for the elderly, the sick, the lonely.
Father Bob Leblanc was very nice to me and is a wonderful priest. Although he is fairly new in this vocation
. ( he went into the seminary at 59)
I loved it so much I am going back to Wollaston Lake this summer for more conferences.
There is extrodinary faith among the aboriginal people. All my talks were translated into Dene.
Thank you to those who pray for me in this ministry. God bless you.

April, 2, 2009

I came back to Saskatoon on Thursday March 26th.
I left on March 6th for a USA speaking tour. This, I must say was the most eventful trip, eventful and fruitful. I was stuck in a blizzard unable to see the road or ditch or exits. Praise God that Jesus was driving with the help of St Michael.
After cancellations and postponed departures, I made it to Minneapolis, but not in time to make my connecting flight.
I injured my right arm very severely as I was pulling my heavy luggage. No sleep that night.
I praised God all night saying, something good will happen because of all the bad that was happening then.
I said to God…Lord how will I do the imposition of the hands when I cannot even move my right arm…Early morning his answer came very clearly…USE YOUR LEFT HAND…
Wow did I feel like a fool.
I went to Ascencion Church and F.I.T. in Melbourne Florida thank you to Father Tobin and Father Doug, St Joseph, Church in  Rochester and  PerryNY and in Holy Spirit Church in Webster, New York, in Immaculate Conception Church in Lapeer, thank you Father Terrein and Father Aaron. In St Therese Church in Dewitt, thank you Father Mike Williams, in St Casimir Church in Lansing, thank you Father Bill Lugger, and in St Michael's Church in Grand Ledge Michigan, thank you Father Jim Eisele. In St Francis of Assisi Church in Yuma, Arizona.
There were healings and remarkable things happening in all those places. ( check out the miracles page)
I would like to thank  Peter and Fran Behrens and Lise Farnand, who organized and hosted me in their home. Joanne and Dave Ruddock who hosted me in Lapeer and also made the trip to Grand Ledge and then Detroit, also their son Jeff and his wife Cathy and their wonderful sons, Brad, Derrick and Lucas. Thank you boys… Brad even gave up his room for me. Lise, and Joanne also. Thank you and God bless you!
In Yuma, Yvette and Jean Banville, thank you for organizing and thank you to Chris and Marcelle Baker for hosting me in their home, despite their frail health. Chris had surgery the day before I arrived.
I did get stuck in Phoenix on the way back but it’s not such a bad place to be in.
The airports and flights were very busy and I understand why they make reality shows in these areas.
I praise God for He has surrounded me with the greatest prayer support I could ever want. Thank You to all who prayed and fasted and sacrificed for my ministry, like I said before, this is not my ministry but yours. God bless you.

November 12th, 2008
I just returned from Stanstead, Trois Rivieres, Shawinigan, Levis, Cap Rouge, St Georges de Beauce,  Sherbrooke, Longueuil,  Montreal, Quebec and  Clearfield, Dubois, Ramey, and Houtzdale,  Pennsylvania. I had another incredible trip.
I would like to thank...

Merci à...
Leo and Laurianne, Rolland et Marie, Hélène et Roger, Line, Micheline, Colette, Paula, Georgette, Jacques, Nicole et Ginette de Québec.

Also thank you to Darlene and Jim Davidson, Father Joe at St Francis, Joan and the staff at Ridgeview Nursing Home, Father Poorman in Ramey, Father David Fordori at St. Michael's, Mary and Gina.  On Friday morning, I enjoyed being at Colonial Courtyard. Thank you also to Father Kirsch at Christ the King.
Thank you to my Cenacle Prayer Group and all those who support me in prayer as I travel. I cannot do this without your prayer support.

Sept 16, 2008

I just returned from Boston, New Hampshire, Ontario and Calgary. What an incredible trip this was. I met such wonderful people. I would like to thank...
 Jean Charles and Mariana, Kathlyn Leonard, Alma and Clarence Aucoin, Father Robert Savoie, John Souza and his wife and children, Normande and Guil Morin, their son Steven, Laurianne Fauteux, her son Richard and Pat Hurd, Lina Madore, Jeannine, Nicole and Carmen, Camille and Madeleine Gaudet, Leo Ouellette, Francoise Legault, Father Ken Gauthier, Carmel Harysen, Robert and Pauline Jolette, Father Luc Payette and Father Yarek.
Also the many others who helped organize and hosted and were music ministers and catchers. You have all made this possible.
There were instant healings and I prayed over thousands of people.
I would also like to mention that I can only do this traveling and evangilizing because of the strong prayer support I have at home. I thank all who prayed and fasted and kept me safe. Without you there would be no ministry..
God bless you...

July 29, 2008

Tonight we had a very special cenacle. We had visitors from St Theresa Point,  from Northern Manitoba ( north of Lynn Lake), from Pelican Narrows, from Red Pheasant Reserve, from Black Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. So many our native friends were here, I was so pleased. Doug and Judy Flett  from St Theresa, gave us a little talk on the wonderful things happening in their community, the children having visions and the message that prayer is the answer. To pray more and more. Their experiences and conversions.  My garage was full.
 Praise be to God!

July 23, 2008
I filmed my testimony, my prayer and my teaching last night. I hope it will turn out okay.

June 30, 2008
Just came back from a short fishing trip in Jan Lake near Flin Flon. I am amazed at the awesomeness of God. May He be glorified as many times as there are leaves and pine needles on all those trees. Praise and Thanksgiving be to God!
June 24, 2008
Yesterday I spoke in Wainwright, Alta. Thank you Donalda and Kelly for your generosity I also thank Mikel (10),
Alexander (8)and Daniel (3) for all their help.
A man from Vegreville came all that way because he had received a healing in Vegreville. ( Praise God! )
June 10, 2008
I spoke briefly at St James Church in Calgary. Thank you to Father Yarek who organized the evening. There are bigger plans for a session in September. It was a wonderful evening. Praise be to God!
I was in Calgary to attend my brother in law's deacon ordination. Bishop Henry ordained 8 men on Monday night at St Mary's Cathedral. The church was packed and it was beautiful. It was wonderful to see dozens ( I didn't count but at least 40 other deacons) attending along with many diocesan priests. May God bless you Art and lead you to holiness through this new ministry.
May 25, 2008
My trip to Assiniboia was a great success. A very windy town.
Many non Catholics also assisted. The hall was fairly full. There were instant miracles,
so far I have heard of at least 3.

Praise be to God!!!
Thank you to Hazel who organized the day and to Father Joel at St Georges Church, for your warm welcome...
May 11, 2008
I just returned from Vegreville, Alberta. What a wonderful evening of prayer, healing and fellowship. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus of the St Martin of Tours Parish. Thank you also to Jack and Patricia Mallett who invited me and thank you to Father Nilo for your warm welcome.
Praise God for His goodness!
May 5th, 2008
I just returned from St Theresa Point, a first nations reserve in Northern Manitoba. When I am asked to go give a conference, I usually put this into the hands of Our Blessed Mother. God is in charge. If God wants me to go there, it usually gets organized very easily. This was arranged in a flash. Thank you Lord!
This was one of the most incredible weekends I have ever experienced. Thanks to two wonderful ladies Nelliane Cromarty and Judy Flett who organized the conference. I want to take this opportunity to thank them and  Father Maurice Jeanneau of the St Theresa Parish and also all the people I met including some who worked at the band office and actually joined us for prayer later.  I thank Helen, Doug, Angela and Sarah who helped me so much. I want to thank Sister Claire Boucher who cooked us a wonderful meal. I thank Chief Robert and his wife Joanne who greeted me at the Winnipeg airport. I found the people warm and friendly and welcoming. I was able to visit many who could not come to the services. The local radio station even had me pray on air for all the isolated people in the surrounding areas and on the trap lines.  I had the fortunate experience of speaking with the students of the high school at St Theresa. I spoke to 4 groups of students. I will never forget this experience. During a lot of the talks and activities, there was a core group of people including elders and others who were praying the Rosary and the Chaplet of Mercy, among those I thank Thomas Taylor and his wife Mary Jane. Thank you for that prayer support. The last group of students was a larger group and as smoothly as it was going, there were many who stayed after school until 4:45 to receive private prayer. They all returned with their families to the healing mass the following night. The church was full, some even came from neighboring islands. I could go on and on. I was impressed with the respect I received and the depth of their faith. There were instant miracles and healings and the place is buzzing with the Holy Spirit. It was hard to leave.  St Theresa Point, you have made a difference in my life!
Thank you Lord for Your Love and Your Grace and Your Mercy!

March 31,2008
I just returned from Moosomin First Nations on Thursday and Ephphatha House  (west of Edmonton ) on the week end. What a great experience and I met wonderful people. Thank you to Donna and Doreen who invited me and to Lorraine who hosted me in her home. There were instant miracles this weekend, Praise be to God.

March 20, 2008
I just returned from Florida via Calgary. I met wonderful spiritual people everywhere I went. God bless you all. A special THANK YOU to Peter and Fran Behrens who not only hosted me in their home but drove me to all the venues.( many they had organized themselves). Through their generosity with their time and efforts, I was able to pray with hundreds of people. Another THANK YOU to Robert and Pauline Jolette who drove many miles to help me out.
I met a wonderful priest by the name of Father John in Pahokee, Florida,a very poor parish in need of a new church. If you are inclined to be generous, please send your donations to Father John, St Mary's Parish, 1200 East Main street Pahokee Florida.  May God bless you abundantly!

Thank you also to Sister Laura,  Father Noel and Yvonne Beaubien for organizing the Calgary talks. Many fruits are developing.


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